PT. SMC Pneumatics Indonesia

PT. SMC Pneumatics Indonesia was established in 2012 with the purpose of providing better quality service and support to the customers for market expansion. The headquarter is cur-rently located in EJIP Cikarang with additional 8 sales branches covering major provinces with more than hundred staffs spread across Indonesia.

To enhance distribution network, SMC Indonesia also works together with distributors and dealers for better support and coverage in the market. Through the extensive sales and dis-tribution channels, SMC Indonesia delivers excellent products, services and technical support to customers.

To cope with the need of customer, SMC Indonesia developed qualified engineers and sys-tem to provide the best service and products in terms of total solution.

To meet the urgent needs of customers, SMC Indonesia established centralized warehouse with advanced stock replenish program to stock up a wide range of products with efficient sales and warehousing system to provide promised delivery to customers.

SMC Indonesia is committed to provide best service to customer, in addition, to develop au-tomation and pneumatic technology knowledge in Indonesia.

SMC Pneumatics Indonesia Main Office

EJIP Industrial Park Plot 6J-1
South Cikarang – Bekasi 17550, Indonesia

Phone: +62-21-8971123
Email : ;

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PT. SMC Pneumatics Indonesia Branches

Branches Map Overview



Ruko Pasar Modern
Blok Ra – 33
Bandung – Jawa Barat

Phone: +62-22-87529124



Jl. Transyogi Cibubur,
Legenda Wisata
Newton Square
Blok U17 no 28
Cibubur – Kab. Bogor

Phone: +62-21-22886665



Jl. Ragil Kusumadya 128 Jati Wetan – Jati,
Kudus – Jawa Tengah

HP: +62-8159165213
Phone: +62-8912977519

Medan Branch


Jl. KL Yos Sudarso
Komp. Brayan,
One Stop Square No. 8,
Pulo Brayan Kota,
Medan – Sumatera Utara

HP: +62-8159124358



Ruko C SBD Jl. Siliwangi 420-424,
Kalibanteng Kulon,
Semarang – Jawa Tengah

Phone: +62-24-76439654



Jl. Kahuripan Nir-wana
Cluster Boulevard No 32
Jati, Sub-Distrik Sidoarjo
Jawa Timur

Phone: 62-31-99704780
Phone: +62-8912977519



Ruko Alicante Blok A No 7 Gading Serpong Tangerang,
Banten 15710

Phone: +62-21-22226381/6



Jl. Wates Km 7,5
Balecatur – Gamping
Sleman – Yogyakarta

Phone: +62-74-530086

Key Personnel

Country Manager/Director

Mr. PS Leow

Senior Japanese Advisor

Mr. Nobuo Uehara

Japanese Advisor

Mr. Yuta Takahashi

About SMC Pneumatic Part & System Provider In Indonesia

SMC Pneumatics (Indonesia) is the Indonesia branch of SMC Corporation, the world’s largest pneumatic part & system products manufacturer that has been established in September 2012. SMC Pneumatics (Indonesia) are established throughout our extensive dealer network in major cities such as Medan, Surabaya, Semarang, Bandung, Balikpapan and Pekan Baru.

We will actively serve the Indonesia market by leveraging on our strong partnership with our distributor, PT Sinar Mutiara Cemerlang. Our Products offered range from valves like solenoid valve, process valve, to thermo equipment like thermo chiller, thermo cooler and heat exchanger; from actuators, like electric actuator and linear actuator a myriad of electrostatic eliminator equipment as well as pneumatic part such as air gripper, air cylinder, electric cylinder, refrigerated air dryer, ionizer, air compressor & etc.