2 Port Valve

SMC 2 port valves are of distinctive features as they have low power consumption, high flow rates, fast response times and clean aesthetic designs. 2 port valves are widely utilized in semiconductor, automotive, packaging, medical, machine tool industries, etc.

Our comprehensive range of solenoid valve and process valve are designed to operate in different media such as air, water, oil, steam and vacuum. It comprises wide variety of body materials (aluminum, resin, brass and stainless steel), seal materials (NBR, FKM) and solenoid coil (class B, class H). Many series and sizes of valve such as 2-port solenoid and process valve are available for different applications of fluids.
process valve

NEW VDW SeriesVXF2 SeriesVXD SeriesSGC2/3/4 SeriesVNA SeriesVCH40/VCH410 SeriesVX2 SeriesVXZ SeriesSX10 Series
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Compact Direct Operated 2 Port Solenoid Valve (Water . Medium vacuum . Air)

  • Compact – Lightweight
  • Enclosure IP65
  • Flame resistance UL94V-0 conformed
  • Large flow capacity
  • Improved armature durability
  • Low-noise construction Metal noise reduced by the rubber damper
  • Piping variations
solenoid valveprocess valve

2 Port Solenoid Valve / Air Operated Valve for Dust

  • The bag filter is cleaned by shock wave which is created by high speed air jet
  • Function: to clean filter and articles or blow away workpieces
  • Fash response time
  • Large flow rate
  • Quick stop speed of main valve : 50ms
  • Various wiring methods can be selected
  • The valve controller turns ON/OFF many valves for the dust controller

process valve
process valve

Pilot Operated 2 Port Solenoid Valve

solenoid valve

Coolant Valve

  • Service life: 5 million cycles or more
  • With auto switches for verifying whether the valve is open/closed
  • Flow increase 20 ~ 30%
  • Power consumption: Reduced by 90%
  • Water hammer: Reduced by 30%
  • Compilant with RoHS directive

2 Port Valve for Compressed Air and Air-hydro Circuit Control (for various fluids)

  • Cyclinder actuation by external pilot air
  • The balance poppet permits normal and reverse flow
  • Operation from 0 MPa is possible

5.0 MPa Pilot Operated 2/3 Port Solenoid Valve & Check Valve

Direct Operated 2 Port Solenoid Valve Series VX2

  • 20% Larger flow rate
  • 10% Shorter in height
  • 30% Lighter in weight
  • Improved durability
  • Low noise construction

Series VX2 is compact and lightweight with better flow characteristics. Rubber bumper is incorporated to reduce metal noise during operation. Its outer appearance is aesthetically in urban white color. It is applicable for air, water, oil, medium vacuum, steam and heated water. With IP65 enclosure, VX2 is suitable to use in dusty and wet environment.

Zero Differential Pressure Type Pilot Operated 2 Port Solenoid Valve Series VXZ

VXZ series is a pilot operated 2 port solenoid valve capable of operating at higher differential pressure by maintaining a zero differential pressure on the seat. Different types of body materials are available, which are aluminium, resin, C37 and stainless steel. Thus, it can be used for air, water, oil, heated water and high temperature oil.

  • Compact : Height 4% Smaller
  • Lightweight : Weight 27% Lighter
  • Can be used at 0 m hydraulic head
  • Low noise construction
  • IP65 enclosure

High Speed 2 Port Valve Series SX10

SMC high speed 2 port valve series SX10 is a right choice for size and color sorting machines that require quick response, low power consumption and long service life. For instance, it can be used for grain, medicine tablet and dried food sorting machines to sort out the defective products.

  • High speed response : ON 0.45ms, OFF 0.4ms (±0.05ms)
  • Long service life : 5 billion cycles or more
  • Low power consumption : 4W
  • High frequency : 1200Hz
  • 2 Mounting types : Quick disconnect, Screw mount

About SMC Pneumatic Part & System Provider In Indonesia

SMC Pneumatics (Indonesia) is the Indonesia branch of SMC Corporation, the world’s largest pneumatic part & system products manufacturer that has been established in September 2012. SMC Pneumatics (Indonesia) are established throughout our extensive dealer network in major cities such as Medan, Surabaya, Semarang, Bandung, Balikpapan and Pekan Baru.

We will actively serve the Indonesia market by leveraging on our strong partnership with our distributor, PT Sinar Mutiara Cemerlang. Our Products offered range from valves like solenoid valve, process valve, to thermo equipment like thermo chiller, thermo cooler and heat exchanger; from actuators, like electric actuator and linear actuator a myriad of electrostatic eliminator equipment as well as pneumatic part such as air gripper, air cylinder, electric cylinder, refrigerated air dryer, ionizer, air compressor & etc.